Jacques Raud Consulting Team

Emerging from the PLM world, Jacques Raud Consulting, an IT expert recruitment company offers a wide spectrum of technology staffing solutions to meet clients’ requirements and candidates’ expectations.

The team includes senior consultants with between 10 and 20 years of professional experience in recruitment companies and with a deep and broad understanding of our markets and the people within them. As experts across different IT industry sectors, our recruitment specialists will assist and advise you in order to meet your recruitment needs.

Our professionalism and expertise are shown through:

• An experienced back office and a perfect mastery of technologies such as PLM, PLANT, ERP, SCM, CRM, BI, CLOUD COMPUTING and of middle and top management profiles.

• Strong presence in IT and PLM networks

Expertise in Direct Approach

• A proven recruitment methodology

• An approach based on a good understanding of the jobs within the Information Systems Industry.

Expert knowledge of businesses and sectors in which we operate.

Our Code of Ethics

  • Professional non-disclosure
  • Total confidentiality of our actions (companies and candidates)
  • No discrimination
  • Transparency for all processes and investigations carried out

Jacques Raud Consulting is a member of “Syntec Conseil en Recrutement”, the organization defining the best recruitment practices and ensuring for complying with a rigourous code of ethics. Our company has adopted the principles of the “Responsible Recruitment Charter”.

Our Methodology

Beginning with the brainstorming, we provide you with support and advice to help define the job vacancies, the profile description (skills, aptitudes, motivations) and the appropriate level of salary for the respective positions.
Our actions, our networks, and our expertise in your field allow us to get a snapshot in real time of potential profiles and their respective position in your market.

We also have the resources to support your organization’s temporary and full-time staffing needs with strategic choices throughout the entire recruitment process, including targeting companies, confidentiality, short list, etc.

Our recruitment process is divided into eight stages from qualification to integration. It includes the performance measure, according to key indicators that we have defined and confirmed with you.
From the writing of the “job description” to the integration and assistance for the selected candidate, we offer individual assistance for each stage.



Identification of target companies and direct approach of potential candidates


Taking up references

(diplomas, prior working experience, etc.) and personality assessment

Entretien-telephoniqueFirst selection Phone Interviews – based on objective criteria

Entretien-ClientProcess Interviews
Coordinating interviews between selected candidats and clients

Entretien-FacetoFaceFace to face Interviews with the recruitment consultant in charge of filling the position

Advice and support during negociations (salary package, employment contract, …)
Feedback to applicants following the selection process

ShortlistShortlist of the best candidates selected

Suivi-Periode-IntegrationFollow-up and coaching of the recruited candidate during his trial period