Jacques Raud Consulting, Recruitment Expert in the system information and engineering industries, manages two Linkedin Newsgroups today.


Aware of the late SI developpments, IT profession issues and the impact of digital on businesses and factories of the future, Jacques Raud Consulting provides an opportunity for industry professionals to share their expertise, to discuss the issues and the challenges facing enterprises in their information systems, data management and management of their products lifecycle.


PLM Network

Newsgroup dedicated to experts within the PLM universe (Product Lifecycle Management).

It is a dynamic virtual space which gives the opportunity to IT professionals to share information about technologies, market, innovations, tendencies, jobs and required job skills set in the PLM sector.

Experts can debate on various topics :

PLM new challenges
Risk control through PLM
Key factors of succes for PLM projects
IT Management process
Business transformation
4.0 Industry
PLM contribution for the « extended entreprise »

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“Les Experts IT”

Newsgroup dedicated to IT experts bringing together project directors and project leaders, solution architects, lead developers, development engineers …
This group gives the opportunity to all IT specialists to share knowledge and work experience with other users and to be informed about news headlines within technical, functional and application domains.

Experts can debate on various topics :

Impact of Cloud Computing and Big Data
Information systems governance
Tools optimization to increase companies performances
Effective data management to optimize companies chain value
CIO’s role in the company
Change management support
Changes in Information Systems professions

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News and Advice Page for Candidates


In extension of our PLM Network and « Experts IT » online communities, this virtual connected space dedicated to experts working in the IT and digital sectors is a fresh source of information and support, allowing them to maintain and develop their careers.

Nowadays, information technologies and social networks allow recruiters to detect rare and talented candidates for their company.

Also, recruitment and sourcing practices have multiplied the last few years: mobile job application, recruitment software, matching technologies, Big data and predictive recruitment, video interviews etc. …

In this context of connected recruitment, it is essential for candidates to stand out, to set up a strong communication strategy in order to build their online professional image.

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