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The diversity of our job opportunities we offer will allow you to discover THE job best suited to you. Our reputation will enable you to stand out from other professionals in the IT employment market.


Reinvent yourself


With more than 15 years’ experience in IT recruitment and knowledge of the different IT operational areas, we are able to give you an additional perspective and to advise you on your choices in the development of your career. With the aid of a personality questionnaire (GRI) we can identify behavioural profiles and measure your motivational expectations.


We help to optimize your CV by highlighting expertise, giving advice on interview techniques, negotiating working conditions and/or salary package with employers.

Career follow-up:

When someone is recruited by our practice, the process is not over when the contract is signed. Rather we support you during your trial period and keep in touch with you throughout your career.

Mutual Commitment

Papers with graphs and ethics business concept.

We practice responsible and ethical recruitment based on strong values, including:


We respect the values of the Charter of Responsible Recruitment (Charte du Recrutement Responsable): non-discrimination; civic engagement; commitment to quality.


We guarantee total confidentiality in our dealings.


We shall communicate transparently with you and keep you informed of the progress of the post for which you are under consideration.

Our firm hosts communities which are specialised in IT linked to your fields of business. It also hosts a space dedicated to candidates, and includes up-to-date information concerning our ecosystem and career advice.

Come and share your expertise and impressions with us on such varied subjects as:

  • PLM Network – Life cycle of products, 3D printing, BIM, industrial innovations…
  • IT Experts – Cloud, Security, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Digital Transformation, IoT, ERP, CRM…

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